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Custom Computer Cable Building

Custom Computer Cables

Custom Length Computer Cables, Custom Computer Cable Molding, Custom Strain Relief and more

We offer the full range of standard and custom SAS/SATA, Serial, Parallel, Video, Mouse, Keyboard and Internal Ribbon cables. Just call our sales team and we will provide you with any of the following high quality cables:

     SCSI 3, SCSI 2, SCSI 1 Cables
     Serial Attached SCSI, SAS / SATA
      AV Cables
      Video, S-Video, SVHS Cables
     Audio Cables
     DVI, HDMI, DFP Cables
     Adapters/Connectors: DVI-DFP, DVI-D, DVI-I, DVI-HDMI, HDMI-HDMI
     RJ45 Cables & Adapters, Cat 5e, Cat 6
     Super Shielded VGA Monitor Cables
    HDMI to DVI Cble USB Cables, USB Extensions
     Video Monitor Extension Cords
     VGA, SVGA Splitters
     Super VGA Cables: HDB15 to BNC
     RGB Monitor Cables
     PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse Cables
     Mouse Extension Cables
     PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Splitter
     Bus Mouse Cables
     Ribbon Coax Cable
      Internal Ribbon, Round Ribbon Cables
     Extended Distance, Mini-Coax Video Cables
     Power Cords
     Toslink - Digital Audio Cables, Adapters, Couplers, SPDIF, Splitters, Switch Boxes, Digital CD-ROM SPDIF Cable
     Firewire 800 Cables, Firewire Converters, Firewire Extension Cables
     USB 2.0 A-A Cables, USB 2.0 A-B Cables, USB 2.0 Extension Cables,  USB to USB Adapters & Port Savers, USB to Ethernet Adapters, USB Extension Cables
     PCMCIA - Cardbus, Wireless & Dongle Cables
     XLR to XLR Cables, XLR Adapters, XLR to 1/4" Adapter Cables
     Ethernet Cables
     Cat6 - UTP & STP
     Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cables with Boots
     Cat6 Molded Cables
     Cat6 Crossover Cables
     Cat5E - UTP & STP
     Cat5E Ethernet Cables
     Cat5e Molded Cables
     Cat5e cables with No Snag Strain Relief BootsV.35 Cable
     Cat5e Retractable Cables
     Cat5e Solid Wire Cables
     Cat5e STP Cables
     Cat5 - UTP & STP
     Cat5 Ethernet Crossover Cables
     Cat5 Ethernet Cables
     Cat5 Patch Cables with Boots
     Cat5 STP Cables
     Cat5 STP Molded Cables
     Audio Cables & Interconnect Products
     Audio Cables - 1/4"
     Audio Cables - 3.5mm to 3.5mm
     Audio Extension Cables - 3.5mm to 3.5mm
     Audio Cables - 3.5mm to RCA
     Audio RCA Cables
     Audio Splitters
     Audio/Video Cables & Interconnect Products
     Audio/Video Cables - 3.5mm
     Audio/Video RCA Cables
     RCA Component Video Cables + Audio - 5 RCA to 5 RCA
     RCA Audio/Video Cables for VCR
     Video Cables
     BNC Video Cables - 3 BNC, 4 BNC & 5BNC
     RCA Video Cables & Extensions - 1 RCA to 1 RCA
     RCA Video Cables - 2 RCA to 2 RCA
     RCA Component Video Cables - 3 RCA to 3 RCA
     SVHS / SVideo Cables and Adapters
     VGA Monitor + 3.5mm Stereo Cables
     VGA to 3 RCA Video Cables
     VGA to 5 RCA Video Cables
     VGA Video Adapters
     VGA Extension Cables over Cat5 Ethernet
     VGA to Composite Video Converters
     VGA Monitor Cables
     VGA Monitor Extension Cables
     VGA Monitor to TV or VCR Converters
     VGA "Y" Cables
     Video Splitters
     Bi-Directional, Bitronics Cables
     IEEE 1284 Parallel Cables
     LapLink Cables
     AT, XT Modem Cables (DB9/DB25)
     Null Modem Cables - DB25, DB9
     Serial Printer / Laser Printer / Plotter Cables

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