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Custom Computer Cable Building

Custom Medical Cables

Rapid Medical Cable Manufacturing, Build to Specs Medical Equipment Cables and more

Medical Cable Manufacturer and Supplier located in the USA

We are a well established cable manufacturer offering design, engineering, and  manufacturing for custom medical cables and specialty cables for medical equipment, disposable and non-disposable types of cables, including sensor  cables, and hospital grade power supply cords. Our experience and capabilities have made us a preferred supplier of medical cables to the medical industry.

Our skilled staff will help you from the early stages of design to the full production to meet and exceed the specifications, and industry standards. We offer cost  effective solutions and we deliver medical cables, assemblies, and coil cords that stand up to everything those devices might face. We pay particular attention to  considerations that are vital to medical equipment, such as:

     Strict adherence to industry standards, such as the US FDA GMPs

     Exposure to extreme environments as high as IP 68

     Moisture proofing

     Protection against airborne particulates, moisture, chemicals and gases

     appropriate use of silicone and other medical-grade materials (PVC, polyurethanes, polypropylenes, etc.)

     Indoor and outdoor operation

     Resistance to sterilization methods and chemicals

     EMI suppression

     Elimination of triboelectric noise

     Extremely low leakage current and redundant grounding paths

     Use of "direct attach" resistance welds for low resistance, low data flux and extreme joint reliability

Custom Fiber Optics for Medical Instruments, Medical Fiber Optics

Fiber optics have been used in the medical industry for years. The physical characteristics of fiber make it a natural  choice for many different applications. Commonly used for illumination, flexible image bundles, light conductors,  flexible light guides, laser delivery systems, and equipment interconnects, fiber optics provide a very compact, flexible  conduit for light or data delivery in equipment, surgical, and instrumentation applications.

Traditional medical fiber optic applications include light therapy, x-ray imaging, ophthalmic lasers, lab and clinical  diagnostics, dental hand pieces, surgical and diagnostic instrumentation, endoscopy, and surgical microscopy.

We manufacture multiple glass and plastic optical fiber products for use in a myriad of medical applications.

We offer fiber optics for a variety of applications including illumination, image transfer, and laser signal delivery. A  large portion of the fiber used in these applications support site illumination either as an integrated component of an instrument or as an individual light source:

  • Examination lights
  • FO headlight
  • Otoscope
  • Amnioscope
  • Microscope illumination
  • Heart catheter

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