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Custom Computer Cable Building

Custom Molded Cables

Dell Optiplex Cash Register CableWe can custom build, custom mold, and over-mold your cable designs. We specialize in custom molded cable assemblies and harnesses, built to customer spec. Our cable manufacturing operations are focused on a broad spectrum of cables and adapters to supply the specific needs of our customers in the computer, communications, electronic, industrial, Mil-Spec, and instrumentation industries. We have developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, prototyping, quality manufacturing, and very competitive pricing.

Molded connections last longer than assembled connectors and allow custom logos and proprietary designs. Using only the highest quality cable and components and the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling, we are manufacturing and molding the widest range of custom cable assemblies and harnesses:

    Harness Cable 2reddot Molded Cable Assemblies for Computers, Peripherals, Office Equipment
    reddot  Embedded circuitry & PCBs / Smart Overmolded Cables
    reddot  Point-of-Sale molded cables
    reddot  Molded Cable Assemblies for Consumer Electronics
    reddot  Custom Molded Cables for Communication and Networking
    reddot  T1 / E1, T3 /E3 Communications cables
    reddot  Molded Giga Speed Cables
    reddot  Industrial Molded Cables
    reddot  Molded Cable Assemblies for Industrial and Medical Robotics
    reddot  Molded Cable for Audio and Video Applications
    reddot  Security/Access, CATV Cables
    reddot  Molded Power Cables, Flat power bus
    reddot  Specialty / Customer-Specified Molded Cables

Custom Molded Cable Qualifications:

    reddot ISO 9001:2000 QC process conforming to military specifications and 6006000 workmanship standards 
    reddot Over 10 years of combined experience designing and testing products for military applications 
    reddot Over 50 years of combined experience in the high-end video broadcasting field 
    reddot Five years experience as a supplier to security and surveillance partners 
    reddot Internal project team with over 90 years of combined experience 
    reddot Specialized cable factory under development to serve high priority / technologically sensitive applications 
    reddot Free lifetime technical support 
    reddot Industry leading warranties for government and military procurement 
    reddot RoHS compliant products available

To discuss our custom cable molding capabilities, or to order cables, adapters, and accessories please call our highly trained sales team. We will provide you not only with the most appropriate engineering solution, but also with world class customer service and support.

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